Friday, 26 December 2014

Glowstone Lantern

A bit of a cheat here as its not really a prop I made so much as a simple modification.

So for the last couple of events I've taken a rawhide candle lantern with me. It's gorgeous, but had two problems. The first is that it shines up and utterly ruins night vision if it's held anywhere in front of you or below your head, and carrying it high is a pain. The second is it requires being relit every time, a particular pain on the walk back from conclave with that pitch black ditch.

So, I picked up a cheap solar one from b&q which also I had two problems. The tacky looking black plastic top and the fact that it was a big empty space with a titchy led bulb at the top.

The first I solved by.... Painting it copper. simples.

The second, I was looking at various methods such as filling it with fairy lights (which would be a pain to turn off and on), sticking a real lump of quartz in it (fuss, also heavy), or diffusing it with tissue around the edges - which made it glow nicely but made it dim and useless.

Then I realised the solution was really simple and just a bit of scrunched up tissue paper gives a decent approximation of a big glowing crystal! The light still came out the sides but hit the 'rock' at the bottom and illuminated it nicely.

So here it is, with my rawhide lantern for comparison (and my burner I use for rituals)

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