Friday, 26 December 2014

Spring Staff

This Sanguine Staff (aligned to Spring) was made from an old stick I found years ago and I always intended to make into a staff. I say staff, I was quite small at the time. Its really more of a half-staff or a long cane maybe? Anyway, Sanguine staffs are "made of natural materials - the best sanguine staffs are created from living branches or even small saplings, kept alive and fruitful by the complex enchantments worked into them". So I went with the stick, some engraved Spring runes - which I coloured in Brass instead of Gold. Gives it a slightly greenish sheen that seemed more appropriate. I also have a hole load of this brown fabric that makes for very good hand wraps (and a truly horrible blanket, which for some reason it was intended as. The top wrap is useful when walking around, the lower one for waving dramatically while doing magic.

For the top I decided on a crystal ball - I found this in B&Q. Its a doorknob. I stuck it to the top of the stick and made sure it was incredibly secure, before wrapping the metal bit and in green thread to finish it off. I sold the staff to a friend and annoyingly the glass bit then fell off at the first knock - manufacturing flaw attatching it to the metal base (however I assume he's glued it back on). The whole thing is just under 50 inches.

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